Why Training of Trainers (ToT) is crucial in implementation of the CBC

Why Training of Trainers (ToT) is crucial in implementation of the CBC


Training of trainers is a concept where masters/experts train potential trainers on a certain subject, equipping the potential trainers with required skills to train or guide any other individuals who they interact with. In this case, the trainers who are to receive training are parents and guardians. The main aim being to enable them to present information effectively, respond to children’s questions, and lead activities that reinforce learning.

The introduction of the Competency Based Curriculum has been welcomed with mixed reactions. If there is a sense of apprehension or skepticism about the curriculum, it’s mainly due to ignorance; Ignorance in terms of lack of know-how it will work and the impact it will have on the learners.

Parents and guardians are already grappling with how to deal with technology addiction, access of offensive content online, breach of privacy and over-reliance on technology by children (persons under 18 years). So, it understandable if they are opposed to the introduction of Technology to the CBC. This may be justifiable but it is inaccurate.


WHO? The Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Education in collaboration with relevant stakeholders (Civil societies and NGOs) can and should organize basic technology training for parents. This training will enable the parents to guide and monitor their children’s interaction with technology and the internet. The parents should be made aware of, among other things:

  • Online safety concerns such as cyberbullying, radicalization, sexual exploitation and addiction.
  • The existing law on online safety and use and consumption of technology.
  • Human Rights on the online platform.
  • Ethics on the Internet platform/responsible digital citizens

HOW? In order to achieve maximum impact, the training need to happen in the local already established settings such as after church meetings, women’s chamaas, men’s barazas and other local meetings which are widely attended by members of the community. The trainings, need not be as intense but has to provide enough information to enable parents and guardians to view technology in a positive and developmental way.

The success of the CBC is heavily reliant on technology through digital learning. Parents and guardians on the other hand also play a critical role in providing guidance and shaping the children’s perspective on different issues. Working hand in hand with trained and tech savvy parents will make transitioning into the new Curriculum a tad easier.



Athena M Morgan

Special Interest Group Committee on Digital Inclusion
Internet Society, Kenya Chapter

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