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The Internet is fundamentally based on the existence of open, non-proprietary standards. They are key to allowing devices, services, and applications to work together across a wide and dispersed network of networks.
You can trace the origins of standards back to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The resulting protocols spawned the invention and development of a wealth new applications and protocols. (more…)

Research & Technology

The Chapter’s research mission broadly encompasses the identification of research priorities for solutions to societal problems and knowledge advancement and dissemination, coupled with transfer of technology. generate evidence-based research which will accrue benefits in national, regional and global science, engineering, technology and innovation initiatives. (more…)

Internet Issues

Internet development is about people. Shared knowledge and collaborative relationships are key drivers of successful Internet growth, not technology alone.

The Internet Society works to foster growth and access to technology by bringing information, training, and partnerships to people and communities across the globe. (more…)


Our work is based upon our fundamental belief that the Internet is for everyone. In pursuing our objectives, we operate collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, civil society, the private sector, and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conform to our core values. (more…)



Preparing a new generation to succeed as Internet technology, policy, and business leaders is a key objective for the Internet Society. To be successful, the next generation of Internet leaders will require a wide range of skills in a variety of disciplines as well as the ability and experience to work with people at all levels of society. (more…)

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