• ITU ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Survey

ITU ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Survey



The survey seeks to examine the dynamics of the ICT Centric Innovation ecosystem in Kenya, and to make recommendations to strengthen Kenya’s ability to integrate ICT innovation in its national development agenda, and leverage the economic and social opportunities provided by innovative technologies. The primary goal is to work together with stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem and policy leaders and experts to understand the ecosystem challenges, needs and opportunities, and to develop coherent approaches to move Kenya towards an innovation driven economy.
ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Survey
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Your answers will be incorporated, along with those of your fellow stakeholders into our report on the situation in Kenya’s innovation ecosystem or to inform ITU-D’s plans and reports regarding innovation on a global scale.
Kindly provide your full name, your organization/company, your position and indicate Kenya as your Country of residence in the survey General Information page. We will not share identifying information about you.
The Technical and Research Team will be onsite to assist you directly. For all ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem survey queries, please email us at: research@isoc.or.ke and we will be more than happy to assist!